Bosco's Pizza is a "pizzeria quality" frozen pizza. Just thaw, add toppings and bake in any oven for a delicious pizza.
  • Par-baked pizzeria quality crust
  • Premium pizza sauce
  • 100% mozzarella cheese
7" Whole Grain Pizza (700767-1120)
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- Whole Grain Rich

- Clam shell pizza boxes included in the case

- Pizzeria Quality crust





Z-22 Whole Grain Reduced Fat Stuffed Crust Pizza (701422-1120)
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- Made with Whole Grain Rich crust and reduced fat cheese

- 2 bread and 2 m/ma per serving.





7" Deep Dish Pizza (700736-1120)

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- Personal Pizza
- Clam shell pizza boxes
 (included in the case)

Stuffed Crust Pizza (701462-1120)

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- 1/2 sheet tray pizza
- Made with 51% Whole Grain Rich flour
- 1 pound of mozzarella cheese on every pizza
- #1 pizza with students

Whole Grain Stuffed
Crust Pizza





Original Pizza (16" - 701616-1120)

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- Available in 12" and 16" sizes
- Traditional pizza crust
- Ideal for pizza by the slice business

16" Bosco Original Pizza


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